Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good and Bad Deeds

One day, 6 Sikhs went to see Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji. They paid their respects to Guru Ji and asked Guru Ji questions to clear some doubts on their mind. They asked “Guru Ji, when a person dies, he is brought to Dharam Raaj Ji for judgement. That persons good and bad deeds are weighed. Does that person get the fruits or all bad deeds and all good deeds or is it that the person has to pay only for the difference ie balance of good and bad deeds – positive or negative depending on the individual?”

Guru Ji answered that there are 3 kinds of people who do karams(deeds):

  1. Sehkaam – people who are constantly involved in anger, lust, falsehood etc. They don’t direct their minds towards God.Even if they happen to do a good deed or donation, they expect and make demands for rewards. When they die, such people get rewarded for both their good and bad deeds separately ie good rewards for their good deeds and bad rewards for the bad deeds.
  1. Niskaam – These are people who do not expect rewards or make demands for the good deeds that they do. If they commit bad deeds, the “payment” for their bad deeds is deducted from their good deeds ie. They pay only for the difference(balance) of their good and bad deeds. If their balance is positive, they get positive rewards and if their balance(good minus bad) is negative, they pay for the negative BALANCE ONLY.
  1. Gursikhs whose mind is constantly focused on simran and bhagti – Such people constantly trive to do good and always attend Sangat, Simran, Kirtan and Katha. They obey Guru Ji’s hukam and make efforts to stay away from bad deeds. These people do not pay for their karams directly (They have pay for their karams thru dreams etc). Anyone who does their sewa would get the benefit of the good deeds of such a person. Even if such a Gursikh happens to commit some bad deeds, those who do their ninda(gossip) would have to pay on behalf of the Gursikh.